Airnz tweets

Aaron Green

@FlyAirNZ thx - your onboard crew were amazing though, once you get real AirNZ staff nothing is a problem.

9 years ago

Ben Diack

@jwestle @mattbarthow @jpsmithnz @NicolDiack so we been talking. 4th April to the 7th Melbourne. Airnz at mo about $650 return at mo.

9 years ago


@thatjohn is that AIRNZ food?

9 years ago


@MtEdenOfficial Yeah an AirNZ Airpoints card. Best of both worlds. Works amazing! No fees. etc SWEET!

9 years ago

Tim Chan (樂樂

@douggiedc hardly ever fly AirNZ.

9 years ago

Mal Curtis

NZ y u so small? On a flight, next to an ex shorthand st star listening to the (actual) AirNZ chick from the safety videos do her thing

9 years ago

Jared Wyles

Well i get to find out what airnz new business premier is like :D

9 years ago

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