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Kobus Kock

RT @suidlanders: Connect the dots: 1. China loans SA gov billions without making terms public. 2. According to the list released by @afrif…

12 hours ago

Kobus Kock

RT @StopFarmAttacks: Farmers in the #EasternCape agree that no farms will be taken by government's self-confessed t…

14 hours ago

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[자동 트윗봇] 고속버스 예약은 코버스 (, 애플리케이션 고속버스 모바일에서 가능 (일부 시외버스 노선도 예약가능)

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Dr Kobus Du Toit

Revitalize your awareness. Expand your awareness of what is possible & what your reality could be. Heal your mind,…

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Kobus Kock

RT @AdrianaStuijt: #SouthAfrica An unbridgeable abyss between White & Black Opinion was starkly exposed at the fake hearings on #LandExprop…

17 hours ago

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