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Alex Shalman

"The Staff is very warm and welcoming. I found patient care to be top of the line here at Shalman Dentistry. Dr. Sh…

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Eliza Orlins

Felicity Huffman has been sentenced to 14 days in jail. Last week, the Manhattan DA recommended 30 days jail for st…

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Pastor West

I'm letting God handle all things above me.

1 month ago

Rita Panahi

While women in Iran risk their lives to fight against this tool of oppression, cowards in the West celebrate the hi…

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@west_chiyuu_ ライブ中、メンバーさんの手が触れたときの胸キュンがw

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はま«虹色ジャス民 »

RT @chanco_re: いよいよ明日開幕! ジャニーズWESTが見どころを紹介 (190913)

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