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dont let others destroy ur inner peace🇺🇸

Russia created this ccp monster, so now ppl are suffering

29 minutes ago


The war mongering monster of an administration, is going to get us into a war with Russia.

1 hour ago

♡✰❤Veronicat♡❥♡ ‏✌

Forget corona we could be dealing with a full fledged tribulation in notime. Russia has new monster weapons able to…

1 hour ago


RT @BlinkVotingCrew: [ 📝 QUESTION & ANSWER TIME ⏰ ] 📣 Who is your favorite Monster Voter here? (Add three words) Reply without tagging the…

3 hours ago


For its hate for #Russia, #USA supported #China for > 35 yrs, and made it into as huge monster which is ready to gu…

3 hours ago

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