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@JoshuaGreen @BW Kansas @GOP voters about to learn all those scapegoats that Trump trotted our during his rallies a…

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Disseminating all information with love and grace . Everytime . Everywhere . A living Goddess... she true 💜🌈✨🙏🏾👑

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Shannon Watts

Yet another armed man in America decides it‘s time for a woman and her children to die. A North Carolina man shot…

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Jon Cooper 🌊

WATCH: Bargoers shout "Nazi scum get out!" to force right-wing provocateur & former Breitbart News editor Milo Yian…

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🌙LOΛE my Buddy⭐

I can't help to be dissapointed? I mean it's kind of silly but come on, Taehyun. The name is Latin AMERICA. Why wou…

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Marie Tackett

RT @TomFitton: James Comey is now in the same boat as Hillary Clinton legally -- they both mishandled classified information. When you hea…

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