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New Memory Forensics Cheatsheet updated by #DFIR & #ThreatHunting course instructor @chadtilbury includes plugins f…

2 days ago

Bruce Aylward

Here's a handy cheat sheet for project professionals to help explain their profession to anyone they encounter this…

5 minutes ago

시큐노드 $ecuNode

RT @sansforensics: .@chadtilbury Blog: SANS Memory Forensics Cheat Sheet - Just in time for the holidays, we have a new update to the SANS…

29 minutes ago

natrasha was my father's nickname for me, no joke.

@LaraTheGrate FWTBN 1. don't return any messages & when they ask about it, act confused 2. begin Project Gaslight 3…

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RT @TotumTeam: ⚠️We didn’t raise money now and didn’t cheat. We just need more time to modernize Totum project. If you see any messages fro…

5 hours ago

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