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Randy Havens

Talk to your parents, find a therapist with their help. Talk out your feelings with someone you trust. Live your be…

5 days ago

Jillian Michaels

For many years when I was young - emotional eating was one of the ways I coped w stress. However, we all know after…

1 week ago

Marc Guggenheim

The irony isn’t lost on me that I saw all three of these en route to my therapist’s office tonight. #teslaautopilot

5 days ago

Shawn Sisler

@MimiOtter @HopeSprngsaTrtl @JayValenz67 @deepdvr1234 @jeanders207 @Goss30Goss @veterans_i @rabblerouserjr…

16 seconds ago

Montanna Dupuy

I love how I am therapist for all my friends and give out great advice that I’ll never follow

3 minutes ago

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Health Careers

Art therapist Biomedical scientist Chef Dental hygienist Genomic counsellor GP Health trainer HR manager Learning…

1 month ago

Dominick John Diglio

My therapist is Dr. B Eno, Phd and my psychologist is Dr. T Riley, Phd

1 month ago


Clinical Therapist Senior Care - #Covina , CA ( Get Clinical Psychologist Jobs

1 month ago


RT @irumidk: Friends who care about mental health - there are jobs in the sector other than MH nurse/psychologist/therapist/psychiatrist! A…

1 month ago