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SungWon Cho

i find myself crying more easily at sad parts in movies and books and stuff as i grow older and i think that's a go…

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Washington Examiner

"How bad were the Academy Awards this year?" @realDonaldTrump says "we've got enough problems with South Korea" a…

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Ramesh Bala

No new Tamil movies on OTT platforms before 8 weeks of release.. No new Tamil movies on Satellite channels before…

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Rogue Memes

RT @sammyarchuleta: @k8rter I can agree with that that’s all I’m tryna say people didn’t like the Disney trade and they going into these mo…

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@jcbOFlarity @0CreativityGang @lil_unsteady If you are referencing movies in a legal argument, you have already lost the plot.

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Red Chillies Entertainment

One of the most interesting movies of the year. Stay tuned; Kaamyaab releases 6th March. #KaamyaabTrailer…

3 days ago


Directed by debutant Subbu, this is definitely a new concept and it will be interesting to see how a guy with this…

1 week ago

Mark Noseworthy

“Video games are terrible source material for good movies because they don’t have interesting characters or stories…

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Interesting note - the last two DC films (excluding BOP) have had an almost identical gross, with their domestic gr…

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Loki Of Asgard ☀️ || Ben Solo

RT @wcrnettes: instead of making a thousand new star wars movies why doesn’t lucasfilm focus on making ONE good trilogy (rian’s because it’…

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