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Ibanag In Canada 🤌🏻

baka maging face to face allTv version na un.

17 hours ago

Ronaldo Personal Trainer

Desde a época em que trabalhei com vc ou melhor em um programa na alltv com o Ivan Zimmerman sempre foi assim autên…

1 day ago

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Billy Binion

A year ago, I wrote about a 93-year-old woman who fell behind on her property taxes. So the government seized her h…

2 weeks ago

Triple H

An incredible performer who created a deep connection with wrestling fans across the globe. My condolences to the f…

2 weeks ago

Greg Price

Geraldo Rivera just said with a straight face on The Five that the "AR" in AR-15 stands for "Automatic Rifle."

2 weeks ago

MÍkkel Goodspeed...

RT @Spotlight_Abby: Kwankwaso went to Chatham House; instead of selling himself & his ideas, he displayed the same arrogance & poor judgmen…

1 week ago