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Piers Morgan

Boris Johnson says it's 'too early to say' why UK has Europe's worst covid death toll. But we know why - he left ou…

3 weeks ago

Mark Sparrow

BREAKING: British tourists caught fleeing from the UK in dinghies, to get to their holiday homes in France, are int…

3 weeks ago

Adam Brooks

Deaths are now 4.4% below the UK 5 year average . I cannot work, my staff cannot work, I cannot legally see family…

3 weeks ago

Billy Corkhill

@pauliowrightio @The_Bear_Jew18 @AshleyJohn67 @belfaststeve @LabourInExile @BennUniversity Is it just Israel you ha…

3 weeks ago

Torbay Tweets

@SamCoatesSky In #Israel the #GreenPass applies to all aspects of life. We must reject #VaccinePassports or face a…

3 weeks ago

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