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【定期】 委託販売 [CARAMEL CUBE CHOCOLAT] 様(@C_CHOCOLAT_C) BOX:BB-13 こちらで直接商品を見ていただけます!- webshop evIH 遠方の方も通販可能です♪ #キャラメル_創作

3 hours ago


Craving jack in the box caramel iced coffee :(

4 hours ago


@Shawty_Caramel Girlllll I was in the rain locker and a stadimeter box fell and cut me. All the boys thought I had…

6 hours ago

No Dana, Only Zuul 🇮🇹🍀🇮🇹🍀

I make a different flavor ice box cake for the kids for every Shakespeare Club meeting. Used to take requests. Now…

7 hours ago


@tituschalk Back in Blighty, and am still eating my way out through the fridge from the inside out. I am desperatel…

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Ellen DeGeneres

Just posting @official_tWitch’s #IDOLCHALLENGE. @BTS_twt

1 month ago

Peter Alexander

JUST IN: FBI rebuts Trump tweet: “The FBI has not found any evidence the (Clinton) servers were compromised,” an FB…

1 month ago

Narumi Luna [LH]

-c- Spirit powers when she was left alone at home and crying (with which she destroyed everything around her and nearly killed Shido), -c-

1 month ago


RT @MarkDice: Obama said that Republicans and Democrats have both "monkey'd around with elections in the past." Looks like Ron DeSantis t…

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