American Tire tweets

Trevor Carter

@MikeNairn1 'Tire lever' - have we gone all American? 'Spooning' is good - a very tactile thing to do.

10 years ago


Vintage Hub Cap, Automobile Tire Cover, Wall Decor, Home Interior Decoration, retro American Auto Ch

10 years ago


Is canadian tire an american company? #stupidquestions

10 years ago

Christina Bass

Holla at the jeep with the eagle/american flag tire cover. You're cool

10 years ago

Gabe Boston

Me. You. One cat. One thermometer. One rope. Two cakes. 1 tire. And an American flag. #LetsMakeItAwkward

10 years ago

JB Dollar Stretcher

American Tire Center, North Canton- HALF OFF 2 Synthetic Blend Oil Changes! Includes Tire Rotation!

10 years ago


American Tire #CuteGuys Hahaa I Need To Go Get New Wheels

10 years ago

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