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Proud to earn 100% on @HRC’s Corporate Equality Index for LGBTQ-inclusive workplace policies and practices 18 years…

18 hours ago

Molly McKew

American airports are a wonderful case study of things we refuse to do better/smarter just to be contrary. America…

17 hours ago


INCIDENT American Airlines flight forced to divert after ‘unruly passenger took flight attendant ‘s trousers off’

18 hours ago


【PS3】白騎士物語 キャラメイキングで小倉優子を作ってみた

36 seconds ago

Miguel 😇 Gonzalez

#MFFL @ American Airlines Center

41 seconds ago

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Mike Glenn

I'm a reporter but I was a Soldier for several years and led a platoon of cavalry troops into combat in Iraq. Qassi…

2 weeks ago

Liz Wheeler

Soleimani killed 603 American servicemembers. Soleimani maimed thousands more with IEDs. Soleimani approved the a…

2 weeks ago

1qqaz אריה בן דוד

RT @Jarikrepastor: @RealSarahIdan @Oma_igala1 It's shocking the length Democrats would go to mislead the American public on the killing of…

2 weeks ago

Shahu Rind

RT @Partisangirl: 1. Kataib Hezbollah in Iraq & Hezbollah in Lebanon are two seperate organisation that share only a name. 2. Hezbollah ne…

2 weeks ago