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Dan Rather

If you are a network executive, do you carry President Trump's speech tomorrow night live? (Point of reference, Pre…

1 week ago

Stephen Colbert

My network will be carrying Trump’s Wall speech live. So at 9pm Tuesday, tune into CBS to See B.S.

1 week ago

Dan Pfeiffer

If I were a network exec, I would counter the White House request for airtime with an offer to air it on a 5 minute…

1 week ago

El liricista del tejado

RT @PabloAACM: Buenas, mis padres y yo hemos tenido que vender nuestras cosas para pagar el ultimo mes de alquiler. Necesito URGENTEMENTE a…

1 week ago


RT @MrLTavern: I think Shepard Smith needs to be replaced by either Harris Faulkner or Leland Vittert. But he never will be cuz I think Rog…

1 week ago