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Donald Tusk

America and the EU are best friends. Whoever says we are foes is spreading fake news.

5 days ago

Heidi Przybyla

Six months after the Trump tax cuts " real wages fell 1.4 percent from the prior year"

5 days ago

Donald J. Trump

There hasn’t been a missile or rocket fired in 9 months in North Korea, there have been no nuclear tests and we got…

5 days ago


RT @colopl_dreaming: \大好評第2弾/ 【オリジナルQUOカード】5万円分が1名様に、3千円分が20名様に毎日当たる♪ 7/17 11:59までにアカウントをフォロー&このツイートをRT✨その場で抽選結果が届く✨ 詳細⇒…

4 days ago


RT @theskindoctor13: Intern: Another mob lynching! Rajdeep: Plz tell me victim is a MusIim! Intern: Yes! Md Azam Ahmed. RS: Wow! And mob?…

4 days ago