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Elizabeth Warren

The Senate voted unanimously on a compromise to keep the government open. @realDonaldTrump chose to reject it and g…

3 weeks ago

Kyle Griffin

Acting A.G. Matthew Whitaker has incorrectly claimed on his résumé and in government documents to have been named a…

3 weeks ago

Robert Reich

An 8-year-old died early today while in custody at the border. A 7-year-old died a few weeks ago. 15,000 children n…

3 weeks ago

Pamela Groseclose

RT @CB618444: TRUTH! #Guatemalan dad denies medical treatment 4 his 8 year old son who died. An #American would be arrested 4 abuse, negle…

3 weeks ago


RT @AmyKremer: #Fakenews gets punked! All of these stories were written/published while POTUS & Melania was on the ground in #Iraq or in t…

3 weeks ago