Ammo tweets

Louise Carrier

@DaveAmmo I know quite random but you're not Ammo as in Ammo I would have heard DJ ing from way back? now doing lovely Ammo mag?

6 years ago

Joseph Licata

Ammo thinks he's a cat and sits on back of the couch #sillydog

6 years ago

Bryan Mire

Ammo for days

6 years ago


My ammo. Too bad though, only got 1 battery for my camera. Hope the hunt for non-original battery will be su

6 years ago


who got a sprint phn for sale

6 years ago


@mitchitized Here’s some ammo for you to use. EU Air Passenger rights:

6 years ago

Dj Chunky bizzle

“@TURNO_: I got sum fookin ammo tonite... TRUST ME!! #C4”load me up

6 years ago

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