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Hillary Clinton

This went under the radar last week, but we all need to speak out about it. The administration has moved to chang…

1 month ago

Chelsea Handler

Susan Collins called the crowdfunding to get her to oppose Kavanaugh a “bribe.” Actually, it’s a way of letting you…

1 month ago

Kyle Griffin

Docs reviewed by BuzzFeed reveal a previously undisclosed aspect of the Trump Tower meeting: a complex web of finan…

1 month ago

Martin #FBPE

RT @HillaryClinton: This is exciting. @DrLeanaWen has dedicated her career to making sure vulnerable communities get access to the care the…

1 month ago

SsOnYaK 손혁준

RT @shojyosensen: CCTV : 증거자료 안됨 게임 로그인 기록 : 증거자료 안됨 거짓말탐지기 : 증거자료 안됨 피해자의 일관된 진술 : 강력한 증거자료 중세시대 마녀사냥 돌아왔냐? htt…

1 month ago