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jo turner

#BanDrivenGrouseShooting. - Burning creates CO2 emissions on land that shld be CO2 SINK. - Lead ammo poisons 10s of…

53 minutes ago

Drogon 🔥🔥🔥🐲🐉

Type of day I'm having land on a Gold prowler find absolute zero heavy ammo and get third parties yay!!!!!!!

3 hours ago


@Tactical_review The round also looks shorter so the bullet would be further from the land but factory ammo isn't c…

3 hours ago

Jyoti Vashisht

RT @pramodchandrase: On poll eve, pvt firm got land near Maha tiger reserve for ammo unit @SMungantiwar @drharshvardhan Thanks giving that…

5 hours ago

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