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Being Indian

.@sachin_rt 's biopic is way better than what we expected it to be. Read our review here - #SachinInTheatres

7 hours ago

Front Office Sports

With Ballpark Passes being rolled out across the country, your summer just got that much better. #sportsbiz

1 day ago

Paychecks & Balances

RT @LUISA_GB: @PayBalances My thought, it's not a great way to start a marriage w/ $25K debt. A ring for a lot less given with a loving int…

9 minutes ago

Andrew Forward

And a much (much, way much) better VM. #stillajvmhater

11 minutes ago

Positron Mike

@PeterGordo @PanzerHarris @TheTayne @uberspoons @Proximocoal The only way to use a rail golem properly is with Hoff…

14 minutes ago

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