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Sharkwater Extinction

Celebrating Rob Stewart - Dec 28 1979–Jan 31 2017 “Everyone changes the world. It’s just how much and in what dir…

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François Chollet

The ability to train big models is not a moat. Anyone with enough budget can replicate your model in a matter of mo…

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Otto Von Biz Markie

The Yachty album is endearing and fun in a low-stakes built-to-sell vinyl at Urban Outfitters way, but it would be…

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🕷️Theylob the Genderqueer Spider🕷️

My main problem with Alia as written in Children of Dune is that she's kind of always very incompetent in a way tha…

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The Lord of Monsters

@ComicLoverMari They never should've gotten rid of that motto anyways. The entire point of "The American Way" is th…

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