Angry Sonic tweets

Ted Bundy

Television Is Poison Now! Grew Up To Angry Beavers, Sonic The Hedgehog Etc. Got My Little Sisters Growing Up To Shows Like Teen Mom, Wtf?

6 years ago

emma (´・ω・`

sonic youth is good for all my moods (because my mood is only ever some kind of angry)

6 years ago

`Shai' Ahmar™

- Idk why but when people bring home food from sonic and McDonald's and eat it on a plate instead if what it came in , I get angry.

6 years ago

Packard Sonic

@cat_fud Could be. A new version of Angry birds.

6 years ago

♡ G E O R G I A ♡

don't think you know how angry and competitive i got at mario and sonic today.

6 years ago

Lindsey Matl (:

@bradyszuhaj it happens to me all the time,& it only happens to me in my family. & its in places like sonic & red robin & it makes me angry.

6 years ago

Seth Hackett

Ordering at sonic with a guy who can't hear and an angry girl who couldn't make up her mind. @beenjamin22 @moonstarsfire

6 years ago

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