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VANAVOND: Crazy 90′s met live: Vengaboys and party Animals - Lees meer... #Alkmaar #Kaasplankie

6 years ago


Humans are taking over the animals habitats. So where are those animals going to live? jangan salahkan monyet duduk atas kabel elektrik.

6 years ago


RT @CeJota315: I love animals..

6 years ago


RT @NeedToCare: Factory farmed animals are often skinned alive-what we allow is what will continue.. Via @VeganZeus

6 years ago

Bianca Mattel

RT @thegooglefact: Some animals, such as dogs and cats, can hear sounds that humans cannot detect.

6 years ago


I can make animals do what I want without training them. I can make bad things happen to people who annoy me. if you dont trend #AVPSY4XMAS

6 years ago

dusty gedge

Rare Cat Captured on Camera:#nature #wildlife #biodiversity

6 years ago

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