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The Daily Beast

CNN anchor Victor Blackwell struggled to keep his emotions in check on Saturday morning as he defended his hometown…

1 month ago

Imam Mohamad Tawhidi

“The disaster in the Thread is that if Imam Tawhidi has an (inside) source that will prove the link between Qatar a…

1 month ago

Apst Johnson Suleman

What makes relationship work is not compatibility but how you both deal with incompatibility..

1 month ago

Paquito Dela Cruz

RT @buwayahman: The strategy is consistent. Attack the low-level to make people believe that this govt is solving the problem, when the rea…

1 month ago

I Can't Get Enough

RT @sseIIena: Ed Sheeran! Didn’t! Sleep! With! Selena! Why do yall use musicfactsnews as a news source???? That article is from 2017. And E…

1 month ago