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Sadhavi Khosla🇮🇳

Those who refuse to learn & improve, will definitely one day become redundant & not relevant. A case in point: No…

19 hours ago

new-age analytical

Kind of remarkable how fast we went from "nerds didn't play the sport and don't know anything" to "the nerds are to…

12 hours ago


Best way to deal with a toxic situation is by walking away.. no, run. As fast as you can. Then heal all the wounds.…

5 days ago


MOE respresentative and the uni sudah reply. Ehmahgerd so fast. Prolly because I document it here. Btw so far mcm s…

1 minute ago


yall scared abt anything happening in st s3 when they said they were inspired by fast times at ridgemont high .....…

2 minutes ago

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