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Amit Malviya

Just because she didn’t dial 100 does not mean she deserves to die like this, Minister. The prime suspect is a man…

1 month ago

Ahmed Albasheer -احمد البشير

How many more people should die until the world finds out that there’s something wrong with this government? Almost…

1 month ago

Raul Krauthausen

Sätze die nur Rollstuhlfahrende lesen müssen: »Die ursprünglich geplante Bahnfahrt am 20.12.2019 (Berlin - Hannove…

1 month ago

ore wa mike wazowski!!✨ // lovesick!! @ college

RT @rornev: “How long have you been interested in magic?” “Since the summer holidays” I would, and I cannot stress this enough, die for th…

1 month ago