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haruharu💜 (slow)

🐰i've seen a ghost in the dorm before! so i wanted to ask them, how old they are, what happened to them, and commun…

11 hours ago

haruharu💜 (slow)

🐰am i going to yoongi hyungs concert? i have to go! and see ARMYs then too. it'll be nice~ should i just go up on s…

10 hours ago

Stray Kids

Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) 5-STAR Listening Party #1💫 ⌛Starting in 10 mins! ⌛10분 후에 시작합니다! 2023.06.05 MON 2:30PM (KST)…

4 hours ago

Francisco Adriano

RT @BelGris: ¿Te despierto simpatía? Do you think I am a gentleman?

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RT @armybtstudy_twt: Jungkook: My neighbour said i shouldn't sing anymore at night neighbour: thank you- Jungkook: let me sing early in t…

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