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Candace Owens

Conservative news: Michael Avenatti was just arrested for domestic violence. Liberal news: Michael Avenatti just b…

2 days ago

Bill Maher

Before election, I told Trump voters, as soon as its over, the caravan will disappear from the news...see? And to t…

1 day ago

Daniel Dale

How much lying did Donald Trump do in the run-up to the midterms? He made 815 false claims in one month. EIGHT HUN…

1 day ago

Juli EdwardsMcDaniel

RT @indigo_barb: Hershee Bar featured in the national news again. HB's doors may have closed, but it's not too late to contact Norfolk Cit…

1 day ago

❥ ❥ ❥ Ä i

NEWS EPCOTIA ENCORE 【譲】 12/31:4連×2、1連×1 1/1:4連×3 【金額】 定価+手数料 重複当選のため同時入場です 詳細は画像をご覧ください 年齢、担当、金額、枚数、取引方法を明記の上RT後DM…

1 day ago