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Michael Tracey

To stop mass shootings, Trump reportedly considering a DARPA-style program to analyze "neurobehavioral signs" of me…

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【寿君&RAYボーリング対決】 "DREAM LAND"企画-アメ村勝手にゴミ掃除大作戦‼️- http- s:// 寿君チャンネル▶️ REAL LI…

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The Independent

The brand new features of Apple's secret iPhone update have been revealed

5 hours ago

Doritos South Africa

250g cooked chickpeas OR 1 can drained, unsalted 1/3 cup tomato paste 1/4 cup water 1 tbsp oil OR water 1/4 cup nut…

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#ANIME E-SAKUGA #FLCL Tap & animate images with this new style #iBook for #iPad

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