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matt blaze

A system where the vote is taken literally by having people stand around in groups is apparently being disrupted by a software failure.

1 month ago


RT @QuinteroCalle: Ingenieros de Sistemas de todo el país, bienvenidos a Medellín. Nos hemos planteado ser Valle del Software para el mundo…

1 month ago

Open Source Partner

@stonecold2050 Sounds like they got screwed by their software provider. Go live untested.

1 month ago

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Piyush Goyal

देश को तोड़ने, समाज मे झूठ फैलाकर भेदभाव बढ़ाने, और Anti Nationals को Support करने वाले Urban Naxals देश और जनता के…

1 month ago

Citizens for Ethics

CREW discovered applications for Trump trademarks in Argentina, which lined up suspiciously with the Trump administ…

1 month ago


RT @realladylau: I re watch this series every few years because the storylines, the character development & the acting is unmatched. This s…

1 month ago