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Chris Bergin - NSF

Slide down the chute from the Mobile Launcher, into the room, close blast door, strap in. Should be good to hold 20…

1 day ago

Center for Brooklyn History

Happy Independence Day from the Center for Brooklyn History. . . American flag, circa 1862, M1989.220.1; Artifact…

7 hours ago

Bungie Help

UPDATE: With the release of Hotfix, the Piercing Sidearm Artifact Mod has been re-enabled for all players.…

6 days ago

Bryan heath

@PapiTrumpo come look at this Areowhead Artifact . it's 1000bc era

just now

Lemma! (Chubby Queer Robot VTuber)

RT @emilymbender: The tendency of AI researchers to equate the form of an artifact with its meaning is seemingly boundless. A college degre…

2 minutes ago

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