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Christopher Ingraham

I have one tiny datapoint to add to the allegations of "anti-Catholic bias" in the Democratic party: American Catho…

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Tom Bonier

Stop reporting on each poll as if it’s a scoreboard check in a sporting event. It’s one datapoint that may or may n…

1 day ago

Tom Bonier

This article confidently states that Biden is losing the Milwaukee suburbs, with only 1 datapoint supporting that a…

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RT @_cingraham: I have one tiny datapoint to add to the discussion of alleged "anti-Catholic bias" in the Democratic party: American Cathol…

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Incredible to see @GoodRx trade today. A big datapoint that healthcare consumerization is fully taking shape.

12 minutes ago

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Hey @nbbilliger vllt wollt ihr mal über euren Checkout schauen. - Packstationsuche und Auswahl wenig intuitiv + Nam…

3 weeks ago


related to last post: i was caught off guard by this strikethrough on this infobox, but i actually like it a lot. i…

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Bergfest ;) LIVE-Givaway!Social-links in der InfoboX #lordhelmchen #NCS

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rate limit exceeded (she/they/it)

@pikoIoid Madotsuki Madotsuki infobox image.png The mysterious protagonist of Yume Nikki and the only character see…

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