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Donal O'Keeffe

In a Dublin café and just heard a woman ask if the beef stew is “dairy-free”. Lady, it’s made out of cow.

1 day ago

North Ayrshire

A man and woman - fraudulently posing as NAC staff - visited the homes of elderly residents living in Beith and Dal…

1 day ago

Zerlina Maxwell

This. Ask a Black woman what she thinks about women’s suffrage! We have some thoughts! Point is...If you know y…

23 hours ago

Taylor 🇺🇸

@Vickyro86991203 @GatorPeach @KristySwansonXO @realDonaldTrump He was saying woman will let men do things like that…

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Area Mama

@Sizwe_Mosia Never ask a woman how she know😶

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