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Anne Wheaton

When I see someone with a dog, it takes A LOT for me to not go up and love on their pup. Today, I saw a woman wi…

15 hours ago

Belinda Barnet

A woman in a red jacket stole the Hello Fresh box from our doorstep at exactly 32 seconds past 5.30am this morning.…

8 hours ago

Anila Ali

@davidmweissman America still has the most opportunities for us all- ask those who have lived outside of the US. I’…

9 hours ago


RT @ARanganathan72: If I as a Hindu say, Muslims are the worst of creatures; do not marry a Muslim woman, am I a communal bigot? Yes, you…

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The one about D*ting

One way to make a guy truly like you, is by complimenting his masculinity. One way to make a woman like you, is by…

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