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Claire McCaskill

How many of those at Trump rallies are “repeaters”? I see reports of people there that have been to dozens. What pe…

1 month ago

abolition in this lifetime

there's a young woman and BLM activist in Mpls who was inspired by Toyin to out her rapist. like Toyin, she's facin…

1 month ago

Ben Crump

Andres Guardado stood guard, hired to protect his community. Then LA County sheriffs pulled guns on him! He ran sca…

1 month ago


RT @TheAshLeon: i can’t wait for hair length not to matter amongst gxrls & womxn within the black community. no other group got that loomin…

1 month ago

Nick Pilch

RT @Keith_Carson: #JuneteenthDay has been an incredibly important day of celebration and reflection in the African American community for g…

1 month ago