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I’ve created two new @spotify playlists for you guys! The first one is called 23:55 ...I listen to this one when I…

1 month ago

Hillary Clinton

Do you have a pre-existing condition? Do you care about someone who has one? Could you or someone you love ever get…

1 month ago

Rachael Bland

Our beautiful, courageous Rachael died peacefully this morning surrounded by her close family. We are crushed but s…

1 month ago

LaTessa Scott

RT @iBledson_34i: I didn't receive one email, one text notification, or anything. They did make sure they hit me up about overdue fees tho.…

1 month ago

Cory McLean

RT @RobertSopuck: "But legal cause or not, if this trio had been senior executives in any major Canadian corporation, could you imagine tha…

1 month ago

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