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Gabriella Hoffman

You’re not at liberty to decide what law-abiding owners can and cannot own. AR- Armalite Rifle — generally semi-a…

5 days ago

Jessica S, Naples FL

The bump stock ban is just days away. What will owners do? via @YahooNews Did a BUMP STOCK…

14 minutes ago


RT @franginter: @AmyMek please stand up4your kiwis not the muzzies!! an aussie committed this crime! so why would u punish your own legal…

19 minutes ago

Henry Makow

Many New Zealand Firearms owners will not hand in their semi-auto to be destroyed. Talks about the ever-increasing…

46 minutes ago

Avril Samuel

Ford Explorer owners say their SUVs are making them sick - - via @drivingdotca

2 hours ago

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