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Dan Bongino

In other words, AOC thinks you should depend on government β€œstrangers” to bail you out. Logic isn’t her thing.

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Robert Reich

The Republican Party in Congress has become a zombie-like Trump cult. Those who try to escape the cult and revert t…

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πŸ‡π”‡π”¬π”©π”©π”žπ”― 𝔖𝔱𝔬𝔯𝔒 π”π”žπ”¨π”’π”²π”­πŸ‘

RT @lankywitch: Straight men really out here thinking things like "I wanna meet some nice women so let me put dead animals and weapons in m…

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πŸƒ alex πŸ„ they/themπŸ›

@visakanv i think a lot of problems can be boiled down to "applying finite-game logic to infinite game" or vice versa

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