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Kamala Harris

No mother or father should ever have to sit down with their son and tell him that he may be stopped, arrested, or k…

1 month ago


After @BTS_twt's enthusiastic reaction to her #GRAMMYs tribute, @DollyParton suggests a collaboration…

1 month ago

Rep. Matt Gaetz

It shouldn't be a novel concept that we prosecute equally under the law. But while the FBI raids Roger Stone's home…

1 month ago

meg :)

RT @baeleighjo: do you ever just forget to hide your expression for a minute and you’re like woah I did not mean to make that face out loud

1 month ago

nicole ✨ #REDMAREinTOR D-7

RT @eternaljaebeom: when im done doing a mountain of dishes and my mom casually comes in to drop a dozen more

1 month ago