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Support/Tank Top500 de mi casa, con varios Grand Master de sus respectivas casas. ¡Venid a vernos XD! @Kireones…

1 month ago

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“To The World” NCT 127! NCT 127 will be performing in 11 cities for its North American tour, the most for a Korean…

3 weeks ago

Walter Shaub

Rep. Meadows accuses Cohen of lying on his Truth in Testimony form, claiming the form asks about foreign contracts,…

3 weeks ago

Dave Rubin

“Journalists” meeting with tech companies in order to ban citizens from platforms. At this point if you’re silent y…

3 weeks ago

Derek Weber

@Kintinue It used to come out for job applications .... then I found out companies that require that will also acce…

3 weeks ago

Jonathan Lua

#GNCUT Today we saw about International Contracts, international trade, such as: purchase-sale contract, franchise…

3 weeks ago