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Glenn Beck

Just received: I’m a democrat who will vote straight republican this November. I’m 48. First time I will ever vote…

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Adam Best

Lindsey Graham admitted “financial contributions will stop” if Republicans don’t keep cutting taxes for big donors.…

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if this gets 20k retweets i'll add 1 million v-bucks to the give away ($10k) tag someone who could use the gear or…

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RT @PyroWCA: I need to get laid, a vacation, and about a year or two unplugged from society. In that exact order.

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PCSO Lotto Results

#Swertres Results► Hearings ↴ october//22//2018// Galaw- //4//6// pasure///////// 8 /or/ 0…

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Sanju Verma

Brussels&Dhaka Bombings👉#ISIS #SanBernardinoAttack👉Rizwan Farook&Tashfeen Malik #OrlandoShooting👉Omar Mateen…

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RT @writetovoice: shane dawson should stop looking inside the minds of racists and instead should cover zayn malik and investigate why he l…

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Gunjan Dua

RT @RindMalik: I am Abdul Malik You can be against me.. You can try to scare me.. But you cannot silence me. RT 👇🏼 and express yourself…

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