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David Gura

Stay tuned, loyal @MSNBC viewers. In the hour after the @11thHour, I may have my first on-air colloquy with Brian Williams.

1 month ago

Bob Abbey

@RashaanB310 @SamSeder I believe you can still sign up for their colloquy on Eventbrite.

1 month ago


A similar issue arose at Initech. Here is a short video of the colloquy... LtyXDZ2

1 month ago

Colloquy's Sister

@lydia_pasteris @FuMikechu @MeghanMcCain Agree 100%. Our country is set up so no one person unilaterally makes deci…

1 month ago

Robert Bruce

@AOC Sometimes it’s both lawful and necessary to kill human beings en masse, as soldiers will tell you, and as the…

1 month ago

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