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felix malutzki

Post & Bankleitzahlen +++++++ Bundes- polizei Wappen ++++++++

1 month ago

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Ariana Grande

heaven sent u to me

1 month ago

Sean Davis

Biden's message tonight at the debate was pretty simple: he'll lock down the entire country, raise taxes, and destr…

1 month ago


We can't lose hope. I felt so broken, but as with any fight, It's okay to stop and breathe. I needed that and so I…

1 month ago

Ryan Forsyth

@Bdizzle_U_G_A @polo_man404 Yeah but I ain’t a big kelce fan have a hard time taking him over TG and Kittle

1 month ago


RT @_seiishin: i want eve and mayday to go on a date so bad....... U_U #nostraightroads

1 month ago