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Burgess Owens

It's funny, the most racist comments I've ever seen come from people that have a "black lives matter" banner on the…

13 hours ago

🇵🇭Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines

On the morning of the Global Day of Climate Action, YACAP and other environmental advocates conduct a banner drop t…

1 day ago

New England Patriots

A little piece of home en route to making world history. The story of how a replica Super Bowl LIII banner made i…

1 day ago


Thanks to @PagitoArtz for the banner, go follow him 🔥❤️🙌🏽

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Donald Trump Jr.

Hey internet. Let’s help out these officers and find this guy. Thanks.

1 month ago

Niall Horan

@HBWRAINBERRY Im alright. taking a break for a minute and enjoying life. I’ll be back soon.

1 month ago

Kirstie Alley

Soon, if not already, we will realize the internet is our most dangerous enemy. The lie machine. The mob.

1 month ago

Bazz-b loves you

@wolfpuppi @MinaHirako @iamnotbaldstfu @pinkmoondust1 @MomoLoveHugs im gonna kill every single shinigami i meet, ev…

1 month ago


center lucas omg im going insane

1 month ago