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Bedford MA Democrats

@CharlesPPierce 3) "The Importance of Fairness" - (9/x)

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City Atlas

@granlund_aarne @edgarrmcgregor Underlying theme is that the scientists & engineers are ready, but they need a soci…

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Jude Cowell

Tax Rates and Entrepreneurship via @jamesykwak #Trump #TaxPlan

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Frank D'Elia

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Akshai Singh

@adamjohnsonNYC Of course people do better when AHIP is down- that said, that league probs won't stop AHIP from fav…

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Roger Stone

George W. Bush gave us a phony war, crashed the economy and covered up the Saudi role in 9/11- has no right to criticize @realDonaldTrump

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Gabrielle Union

No. Nononononono! For those who still don’t get it. This happened. In 2017. In a classroom. From an educator of chi…

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Charlie Kirk

ISIS is on the run ✅ Dow hits 23K ✅ Largest deregulation in 40 years ✅ Constitutionalists taking over the courts ✅ Economy booming ✅ #MAGA

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ارم نــــــــــــور

Yet if we ever look at the history of past 30 yrs, economy depreciated every time PMLN came to power. #AskAUonEconomy

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RT @laurasessions10: THREAD 1. What happened in Niger.

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