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Helena Paxton

RT @RareDiseases: Join us for the #RDCADAP 2021 Virtual Workshop on September 14! Attendees will get a first look at a platform demonstrati…

1 month ago

猫村ゐき (Nekomura Wiki)

One thing that looks weird to me is that frida-server_x86_64 can successfully inject a frida-agent into a targeted…

1 month ago

Nick Evans

During a recent training exercise in a non-production environment, I built a Cisco ISE virtual server using VMware…

1 month ago

Average Inc.

Come Join Us For A Race Day! Information In The Discord Server, Here Is The Flyer! Discord Server:…

1 month ago


RT @kcsfa: Virtualization common attacks a. Hyperjacking This is an attack in which an attacker gain control over the hypervisor of a serv…

1 month ago