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I just really want to get in a fight and then cry about it :c today calls for isolation and replaying Bayonetta

7 years ago


@The_Vaancor @Tremors213 I thought the reason to get the Wii U would be Bayonetta 2. :toughguy:

7 years ago


@ZeroSHEARER I loved Bayonetta too. Maybe it's because I love the original Dante so much. We'll see. Never say never :-)

7 years ago


@silvertongue___ it's certainly different, it's more like Bayonetta which I love so guess I'm biased :P

7 years ago

Frankie Escalona

Welp, 20 minutes into this game, and I could already tell I'm gonna need a WiiU. #Bayonetta

7 years ago

Kullen Todd Sutton

@Snippy2442 Nope. I hate Devil May Cry honestly. I only liked the first game. Its craft wasn't even perfected until Bayonetta in my opinion.

7 years ago

Jose Gongora

I liked a @YouTube video Bayonetta - Let's Dance Boys!

7 years ago

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