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Graeme Nicholls

@sixeleven It’s definitely a John of some variety, Blanche would make sense. Ta!

2 weeks ago

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Josh Hawley

Under oath, Zuckerberg admits @Facebook DOES have “tools” to track its users across the internet, across platforms,…

1 week ago

David Sassoli

Excelente reunión con @PabloIglesias, vicepresidente del Gobierno de España. Ideas comunes sobre Europa, el Fondo d…

1 week ago

Valentina Herrera

RT @JChavezcarora: Con la fuerza d la palabra, la convicción d las ideas y el compromiso revolucionario vamos a la A. N.

1 week ago

Srewsna | I just need answers | Vent and info acct

The good thing about this account is that I feel free to say whatever I want! The bad thing is that I can't post my…

1 week ago