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Audrey a.k.a. 황곰빵

RT @Mori_im: 흥. 콧방귀 밖에 안 나온다. 09년에 종로에서 인도에 서있던 어떤 남자 갑자기 잡아채 가길래 붙잡고 늘어졌더니 나도 잡아 가려다가 헬멧으로 내 머리 때려서 잠깐 축 처지니까 겁나서 길에 버리고 간 게 누군데..? 니들은 상상…

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フ ナ ム シ 🙌手を洗おう

RT @EARL_Med_Tw: 町工場のオゾンガス消毒器に注文殺到 コロナにも効果か ht- tps:// 以下のことに- 注意 ・コロナに有効とした奈良県立医大の研究は産業衛生学会- が定める作業環境での濃度を大幅に上回るため、人のいる環境で- 使用できない…

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サンシャインのリリイベ懐かしい🇺🇸🗽👾✨✨ ジャケが発表な- った時、残業帰りの電車の中でぼーっとした頭で初めて見て変な- 声出た😹 友達からも、DA PUMPがなんか面白いことになってる。どしたの笑笑😆。てメ- ール来たり。 早くLIVE…

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Zack Bornstein

Stop celebrating peaceful cops, that should be the norm. We don’t write articles every time a pilot lands a plane.…

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Elon Musk

Selling weed literally went from major felony to essential business (open during pandemic) in much of America & yet…

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black owned businesses tap in👇🏿 don’t be shy, PROMOTE your business

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nuoc mam 공주님👑

@not_a_lb according to sources who remember the night we got 3 more sojus n 2 fat lambs n continued drink at sojalley HAHA

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Beth Burgess

@bulrac @BryonyGunnPE I genuinely can’t wait to be able to print again so I can read and critique articles without…

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