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Donald J. Trump

Another very bad terror attack in France. We are going to strengthen our borders even more. Chuck and Nancy must gi…

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Brian Cox

My hope is that May wins her confidence vote 52:48 and concludes that the will of the Party must therefore be the a…

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Nancy Pelosi

The #TrumpShutdown is something that can and must be avoided especially at a time of economic uncertainty. This is…

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jillybean. 🍭

RT @Tioranta: Apologising to your children when you are wrong is one of the most healthiest and important behaviours you must learn as a pa…

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Going to university is a strange thing. You’re constantly tired. You have no idea what you’re doing. You’re an alco…

8 hours ago


Despite having suffered a debilitating spinal injury in 2015, Aldo Amenta graduated from Florida International Univ…

21 hours ago

Alexis Ohanian Sr. 🚀

Term limits. We need term limits for Congress. If you haven't kept up with the fundamentals of technology, you have…

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Mario No Kart (Mari Luna)

RT @Jherane_: Your move @UWImona --- University of Ghana pulls down Mahatma Gandhi's statue on campus

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RT @Alumx_mlp: omfg I just had my first ever irl fan moment someone knew my work and didn't knew we were in same university we met and it…

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