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His Dudeness

Its why when Obama did his little DADT dance? It was important bc it goes against Military LAWS which ensure good order within ranks.


7 years ago


@krissygator I was shaking my head a lot... And I get a ton of Huskers stuff suggestions bc of the hubby and my in laws.


7 years ago


@ahmadfahmy But even that is discrimination & bc we've accepted this there are now laws trickling down against duals in other aspects!


7 years ago

Via Dolorosa.

I'm so gld @oreillyfactor did dt pc abt Teens&thr Parents bc Laws in every county/state suppd 2 b so Strict wth Teens,they Mt knw thr place!


7 years ago


@Michiganmess u missing the point. The kids gonna do the drugs regardless. No1 is scared to do drugs bc of laws ur scared to sell drugs bc


7 years ago

Kathleen Walker

BC's heavy handed civil forteiture laws deal out harsh punishment for pot stash http://t.co/rgjxpCXD


7 years ago

Saturday Night Live

1. The Laws Of Nature – The Prog Collective -12 2. Doors Of Sleep – Steve Howe -75 3… http://t.co/OKJtKKFk


7 years ago

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