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SMOKING 🚬 is very additive and hard to quit 🚭🚭 Learn WHY is it so hard to QUIT? how body recovers after quitting? &…

6 hours ago


RT @FirstDoctorMD: 10 tips to boost your immune system 1. Wash your hands 2. Sleep well 3. Reduce stress 4. Exercise daily 5. Stop smoking…

11 hours ago

gabriel mas✿n

If n e one who has had top surgery has tips to stop smoking nicotine and drinking 😓 idk how tf I’m going to do just that prep...

18 hours ago

Tatiana Hodgins

Three important tips to decrease your risk for bladder cancer—drink more water, eat well, and stop (or don’t start)…

21 hours ago

Linda Richardson

RT @gcraige: No healthy immune system tips. No healthy eating tips. No avoiding toxins and dangerous chemicals. No advice to stop smokin…

22 hours ago

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